Erectile Dysfunction Medication: The key to a happy marriage?

Often linked with an aging population, Cialis and Viagra are rarely attributed with saving marriages, viewed as providing short-term relief. The reality? An intimacy crutch, mood-booster, and confidence-saver, erectile dysfunction drugs play a role in bedrooms across the globe, acting as the glue that binds relationships together.

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According to a poll led by Dana Adam Shapiro, the leading causes of unhappy marriages are a lack of spontaneity, lack of romance, below-par sex life, lack of attention, and lack of quality time. Put simply, couples across the US are heading towards divorce at a rate of almost 50%, without considering the impact of open lines of communication and an enhanced sense of intimacy – often a quick-fix through a small dose of Viagra, Cialis, or Cenforce.

As daily stresses pile up, housework takes precedent over intimacy, and dependents overrule your day-to-day, it can be difficult to centralize your partner’s needs – emotionally, mentally, and physically. Erectile dysfunction treatments are designed to work with couples, combatting a lack of romance, sex life, attention, and quality time, resetting your expectations of intimacy, rekindling those early-relationship feelings, and mimicking the honeymoon period.

Many couples – young, middle-aged, and older – enhance their marriage through a daily schedule. If your life differs significantly each day, with varying work commitments, demands, and lifestyle switches, Cialis offers maximum flexibility (and spontaneity!), lasting for 24 to 36 hours. There in the background whenever you need it, Cialis will spring into action when you’re ready, offering an enhanced level of support.

In contrast, Viagra is ideal for the systematic couple. If you know that you’re set to head to the bedroom within 4 to 6 hours, Viagra will act as a safety net, giving you the peace of mind that you’ll be fully supported once the time comes. A fast-track route to enhanced sexual confidence, each pocket-sized pill will, in turn, boost your sex life. Many couples also find that taking Viagra or Cialis ensures they prioritize intimate time – once it’s been swallowed, there’s an expectation of sex from both parties.


Erectile dysfunction, or impotence, doesn’t just entail difficulty maintaining an erection. With vast knock-on effects, spanning declining self-esteem, relationship concerns, and often, a rise in self-confidence issues for your partner, the emotional impact cannot be understated. Triggering feelings of anxiety, depression, and embarrassment, impotence frequently results in irritability, avoidance, and a decline in intimacy, presenting negative effects to the state of your marriage.

As the frequency of your sexual encounters shrinks, there is often a pattern that follows. A dwindling sex life results in deteriorating self-esteem, for both you and your partner, resulting in an ongoing lack of intimacy. Males may feel emasculated, unattractive, and disconnected from their partner, while their partner may experience feelings of self-consciousness, with almost 40% of women reporting that they would feel ‘less confident’ if their partner experienced impotence, and 19% would believe that their partner is no longer attracted to them.

While almost 30 million men in the US experience erectile dysfunction, a perceived expectation remains, with men viewing their role in the bedroom as a dominating one, where impotence doesn’t have a place. While the success rates of Viagra and Cialis vary depending on the study, they are reported to be between 66% and 91% effective, transforming marriages, one pill at a time.

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Unlike common perceptions, you don’t need to hit the age of 50 to benefit from the effects of Viagra or Cialis. With 8% of Viagra prescriptions written for men between the ages of 34 and 40, there is a growing market for young couples seeking a solution to their bedroom struggles. For many young men, the issue stems from a psychological barrier, dealing with a combination of inexperience, nerves, and often, the worry that they may not perform prevents them from physically performing, known as performance anxiety.

With younger generations more likely to experience alcohol-induced erectile dysfunction, ED medications are lauded as a leading performance-enhancing treatment, giving users the choice of whether they add a touch of romance to their night. It is recommended to steer clear of alcohol if you intend to revel in the benefits of Viagra or Cialis, but if you have found yourself sampling a glass of wine to calm your nerves, the combination is generally regarded as safe.

While many men choose to wait until their later years to benefit from the ‘blue pill’, there is no correlation between early usage of ED medications and sexual issues later on. If it aids your sexual encounters, performance, or general confidence, Viagra and Cialis can be called upon from any age without knock-on effects, providing you’re over the age of 18.


If you’ve read this far, you may be toying with the idea of adding a performance-enhancing medication to your sexual toolkit, whether it’s in a bid to save your marriage, boost your confidence in the bedroom, or avoid the dreaded erection struggles. With so many different options, it can be difficult to know which is right for you, your needs, and your relationship – but we’re here to help.

Cialis and Viagra are widely regarded as the premier erectile dysfunction medications, from their minimal side effects to their long-lasting duration; Cialis for up to 36 hours, and Viagra for up to 6. If you’re a stickler for spontaneity, Cialis offers greater benefits, taking effect within 30 minutes of consumption, compared to Viagra’s 60-minute timeline.

Before tapping the ‘Buy Viagra’ or ‘Buy Cialis’ button, it’s vital to consider your risk factors. If you have a history of hypertension, NAION, blood cell problems, kidney concerns, liver concerns, stomach ulcers, or penis deformity, you may not be eligible to take Cialis, and should instead opt for Viagra. If you have a history of heart attacks, strokes, heart disease, or hypotension, or you are prescribed nitrates, there may be complications with both Cialis and Viagra, in which case, you should seek a specialist opinion before moving forward.

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